‘National Bird’ – an Indie Lens Pop-Up screening and conversation

By KPCC In Person (other events)

Wednesday, April 5 2017 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

Drones are changing the way we conduct war. They’re also transforming the ways in which soldiers experience it. In National Bird, filmmaker Sonia Kennebeck explores the United States’ controversial drone war, providing rare insights through the eyes and experiences of veterans and survivors. The film follows three whistleblowers: former drone operators who were involved in top-secret tracking of targets and who now live with guilt, post-traumatic stress, and fears of persecution.  

KPCC In Person and PBS SoCal present a screening of “National Bird” followed by a conversation.


KPCC In Person and PBS SoCal – working in conjunction with Indie Lens Pop-Up – present documentary films as a way to seed conversations with community members who bring unique and relevant insights to the subjects covered in the films.

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